Love at first bite. Been trying to get close to the stray kittens living in the backyard to get them used to humans so we can find them homes. Picked up this guy for the first time, he bit me, jumped out of hands and bolted for the door. Of my house. Spent 2 hours trying to catch him from behind furniture, to finally capture and fall in love with him. Meet Mint. He loves me now too :]

Anya Muangkote

A line of roses lines the street where Michael Brown was shot

Selling this quartz crystal choker for 20$ and free shipping. Message me your email if interested. Only one available.

i want to move in w/ my aunt again but she has a room mate right now and it sucks i would rather live on the street then in my own home tbh

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Old Gray | Emily’s First Communion 

I am so scared

By the things I cannot see.

Like the simple idea,

I don’t keep you up at night

With a smile tickling the corners of your mouth.

Share in my collapse, there’s enough weight here to bury us both.

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selene states (by n.states)